The Mind n Matter Way

We thrive in a dynamic, hyper competitive business landscape, with disruptive ideas changing the marketplace and the consumer preferences. As leaders deal with the demands of increased complexity – whether managing financial and environmental risk, navigating new markets, assimilating new types of technologies, or building a strategy for organic growth – many recognize the momentum that comes with a responsive, energized culture; the leaders constantly strive to set the context of change with purpose and shared understanding with ‘PEOPLE’- the harbingers of organisational growth.


Who We Are

Our Purpose

We are a group of OD Professionals, Change Agents and Coaches, committed to the passion for transforming lives- within organizations or as individuals

The Team

Building a strong team depends on a shared mission, vision and values to align their personal interests, harness their collective expertise and focus their individual efforts.

What We Do

We at Mind n Matter are focused towards addressing the most pressing challenges faced by clients. Our outside- in approach helps connect strategy, leadership and culture to create transformations of lasting value- working with boards, senior management teams, leaders at all levels, and HR and OD professionals.

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Organizational Transformation & Change

Aligning your corporate culture, structure, and talent with your business strategy is challenging, complicated and necessary. Strategic shifts such as new products and services

Talent Engagement

Talent engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals and the extent to which they are inclined towards discretionary effort. Most important, they commit to an environment of trust.

Diversity & Inclusion

Many companies struggle and do not realize the full potential of a diverse and inclusive workforce. These organizations might still be focused on numbers and lack a complete understanding of the business imperative.

Leadership Interventions

In a recent study of 7,000 organizations, 89% of executives rated “strengthening the leadership pipeline” an urgent issue. That’s up from 86% last year, and the trend makes sense.

Coaching- Life & Executive

Many organizations, researchers and leaders have identified coaching as a critical leadership and management competency. In addition, employees are asking more and more for coaching.

Our clients

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